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Our data recovery professionals and specialists dedicated to gives you the best hard drive recovery service. Click here for more details about our hard drive data recovery service.


Brisbane Data Recovery provides Mobile and android data recovery for water damage to physically broken. Our certified technicians are using the most latest technology to recover data from mobile phones, tablets, Apple iPads, Android devices, Windows phones and smart phones.  Click here for more details about our mobile phone data recovery service.


Laptops drive is very sensitive and its need proper care when handling. Brisbane Data Recovery offers you the most efficient laptop drive data recovery services. Click here for more details about our laptop drive data recovery service.


Data on an external drive such as USB drive is exposed to more risk than a hard drive. Our data recovery team is fully-equipped to handle data recovery from a failed or damaged USB drive. Click here for more details about our Flash/USB data recovery service.


With decades of experience in raid data recovery, Brisbane Data Recovery offers you fully equipped modern lab to all of our customers with high success rate. Click here for more details about our RAID data recovery service.


The hardware, firmware and software of mac’s are most unique. That’s why to repair apple products needs hi-tech tools and skills. Brisbane Data Recovery is equipped with all necessary tools and professionals. Click here for more details about our apple imac data recovery service.

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Why is my computer clicking?

Regardless of the technical nature of the hard drive, failure might be very predictable. Understanding the early signs of hard disk drive failure is essential to being prepared for a crash. It will not mean these signals will automatically lead to hard drive crash and a requirement for data recovery, but it will definitely help. The feared blue screen of death in Windows Operating System, is an integral indicator, as it may predict crash better than most signs. The OS may also alert you to signs of the failed hard drive. Other essential physical failure signs include irregular clicking, scratching noises or unusual sounds. If you observe any of those, shut down your system immediately. In this case, it’s probably your hard disk drive having a physical problem and is warning you of the impending danger.

This sound of your drive heads scraping the platters is also a serious indication of hard drive failure. The more your drive heads harm the platters, the more important information can be lost. When hard drive damages occur, professional hard drive repair is the best possible choice to allow your hard disk drive to recover its information. This hard drive repair is best done by appropriately trained technicians.

Affordable hard drive data recovery in Brisbane

With all the latest technology, Brisbane Data Recovery successfully recovers data from drives that would appear to be inaccessible. Couple this with highly efficient and skilled technicians we are able to provide a fast, efficient and affordable service to every client.

When your drive is showing signs of failure, we advise our clients to take action as quickly as possible. Try not to use the computer or hard drive that is proving problematic and call us on 1800 473 268 for advice and help in the best course of action and options available.

Our pricing is clear as we know you do not want any surprises (as we think it’s bad enough that you have a failed device). You can view our prices on any of the device pages for a clear idea on what the cost will be. If you have any doubts, please call us, we are here to help you.

It’s not a case of if, it’s a certain case of when

When you consider how fast the platter spins, and how much stress and wear will be placed on a hard drive over the many years it serves in your computer, it is not surprising that failure is inevitable. Have a plan ready. Back up your data. Use a back up plan off site if possible. And when you do suffer from a hard drive failure, you’ll be ready.

If your hard drive has stopped working, here is a guide to what you should do.

Do not attempt to recover your data with software.

Call Brisbane data recovery on 1800 473 268 for advice on the best way to handle the data recovery.

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